Hello! My name is Richelle Stewart and I am a flower lover. I also am a patient and advocate for a chronic illness known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). 

I started Pots Floral simply out of the love of flowers and working with my hands. I didn't think at the time I could combine something I'm passionate about with something that could help others and raise awareness about something I have dealt with nearly my whole life. 

From my experience I refuse to let others go on as long as I did without knowing what is wrong with them or getting the treatment they need to feel better. Even though there is no cure, there are things that can make POTS manageable for some. Some cases are not manageable and that is why we must find a cure. That is why we need to raise funds and awareness.  

  • Awareness is key because POTS patients are often misdiagnosed because POTS looks like so many other things. 
  • Raising funds is important to find better treatments and hopefully a cure.

Pots Floral stands for combining the passion for flowers and for health.

Pots Floral is plants with purpose.



If you use me for your wedding flowers, business centerpieces, or next fresh arrangement - a percentage of your purchase will go towards Dysautonomia International which is the first global organization dedicated to finding the cures and causes for all forms of Dysautonomia; which includes POTS.

Dysautonomia International actively raises funds for medical research, physician training, and patient outreach.